About Me

Cynthia Plato dogs

Have you wondered if there’s MORE to life?
Perhaps there’s something burning inside of you to make an impact and help others?

 That was me in 2013 after 9 years sitting in a cube as a Finance Specialist in Arizona. To others, my life seemed pretty good.  Great job, nice house, and some pretty sweet vacations. But planing those vacations was the only thing that kept me going through the motions every Mon-Friday. I had no passion for my career, it really just fell into my lap after completing my MBA. I always had an entrepreneurial drive, and instead I was just a number in a huge corporate machine. But the pay was good, the job was stable, so even though I didn’t plan to stay in the company long I just felt stuck after a while.  Finally in Sept 2013 as I laid on the beach in Italy, I made a decision.  It didn’t matter what I was giving up, it was time for a change. I returned to the US and began seeking alternate career paths.

At that time, a friend introduced me to Rodan + Fields.  I had no interest in Multi-Level-Marketing, until I stumbled across an article in Forbes titled Fine In R&D But Not In The Boardroom: How Rodan + Fields Grew 10-Fold By Avoiding Top-Level Tinkering  (Google it).  That inspired me to research more about the company and the Network Marketing industry.  I couldn’t believe what I learned!  I knew it would have the potential for some supplemental income, but people were making multiple 6-figure incomes after just 3-5 years in the business. Some of them were making upwards of  a Million Dollars per year! Did I mention this was all while working part-time hours???

After many late nights spent researching the company and biz model, I couldn’t wait to sign up as an Independent Consultant! I only intended to have this as a side-business, but as time went on I became more and more passionate about this industry and Rodan + Fields.  Not only was I making $$$, I was impacting other’s lives by introducing them to these amazing products!  I had read product testimonies from many strangers and loved my own results, but there’s nothing like hearing your personal contacts thank you and hearing the impact these products have had on them.

While I jumped off to a quick start, I realized fast that Network Marketing had to be treated like a business if I wanted it to pay me like one. But the difference between my Business and my JOB was that it didn’t feel like work! And I knew this could be my 5 year plan verses my 40 year plan, that’s a huge difference.  4 months later, I left my corporate job and began working for a small business which is much more personally rewarding for me. It was a significant pay-cut, but but I was finally ok with that change because my R+F business supplements the income of my full-time job and it continues to grow! I am much happier, and I know this is just the beginning of BIG things to come :)