Love animals but think fostering is too hard?

I’ve heard many dog lovers say “I could never foster”. I used to be one of those people. Logistically, I simply didn’t understand how easy it was. But I think the bigger fear is the ability to love them and let them go. Ruka showed me just how hard this can be, and also why it’s worth every bit of pain.

One night in late April ’13 I came across a picture of this dog on Facebook posted by “Friends of Arizona’s Shelter Animals” stating that she was a risk of euthanasia in the morning because she had a URI (upper respiratory infection). This is simply a common cold easily cured with medicine but since the shelters are crowded they use even these minor issues to thin out the population. There were comments from rescue organizations willing to sponsor the pull, but they needed someone to step up as a foster in order to save the dog. Something told me I needed to take action and learn more about what fostering would entail.

I learned that the rescue organization was willing to do everything else if I was simply willing to give her a loving home! They would provide the medication, the food, the crate, etc. And when I went out of town, they would either have another foster watch her or would put her up in a kennel until I returned. Well there went my objections! Nervous as could be, I signed the paperwork knowing I had to save this very scared dog who was nothing but skin and bones at the time. I gave her the name Kuruka (Ruka for short) which means to Fly in Swahili :)

Over the next few months, Ruka and I bonded and I watched as she gradually broke through her fear a little more each day. It was incredibly bitter sweet the day she got adopted, and heart wrenching 6 months later when I learned her owner no longer wanted her so I went to pick her up and saw how scared she was of this man who clearly didn’t deserve her. Ruka quickly settled back in at my home. I struggled with a strong desire to adopt her myself, but several weeks later someone made that decision for me when they adopted her from an event at Petsmart.

One year later, I STILL shed the occasional tear thinking about her, wishing I had some way to see her or even just get an update from her new family. But I have no contact information. This is the VERY hard side of fostering BUT….I would do it again and again…and I have! Ruka (and a few other dogs) are alive today because I stepped up to foster. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE – SAVE A LIFE!

What do you think?



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